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Tec-Eye Main Business

Structure test development

Conduct reliable structural test structure design and testing with structural test experts.

Inspection equipment development

Develop testing and evaluation equipment that meets strict criteria to further enhance the reliability of the assessment.

Component development

Design and develope components that optimized for each area`s complex conditions.

Machine design

Design instruments that meets condition and purpose in each field with basis of standard.

Production consulting

Provide consulting design and manufacture of high-tech equipment through accumulated know-how.

Machine structure analysis

Provide structure analysis through multilateral and professional sight.

Leading advanced technology of space·aircrafe·military with expert sight and creative technology.

Client Satisfaction

Think customer that the starting point and the arrival point of all management as the top priority.

Human respect

Not only customer, also respect unique competence and potential of internal human resource.

challenge and pioneer

Unafraid of challange to new technology and leading change.

Business report

Tec-Eye System taking part in project of domestic leading company and national infrastructure project, accumulating exceltional technologies and know-how in field of domestic defence industry, aircraft and research facility development.

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